Entering Arnaldo Pomodoro’s Labyrinth


Testi di Aurora Donzelli, Gino Fienga, Federico Giani

Anno di pubblicazione: 2017

Genere: Arte

Formato: 16.5×24 cm

Lingua: inglese

Pagine: 88

ISBN: 978-88-96427-78-1



My Entering the Labyrinth is an invitation into the meanderings of a journey, where time is transformed into spaces and space becomes time. A reflection on all my work: the act of re-appropriation and recovery of an artistic activity that has spanned the decades of my life and makes up a sort of synthesis. Beacuse the Labyrinth can only be a journey, in unveiling itself as the dark engine of every human experience that always takes place between impulses and impasses, stops and starts: in its progress towards a maturity which is a return to the beginning and its uncertainty. Because I believe, as Bruno Schults has written, that “maturing towards infancy would be the authentic maturity”.
Arnaldo Pomodoro


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